Steve Jobs' ability to find solutions earned him the respect of employees

While known for his brash style of management, employees who have worked with Steve Jobs admire him for his ease in solving problems and coming up with solutions. In an interview, former Apple and NeXT employee Ken Rosen, who worked with Jobs at both firms, praised Jobs for his ability to come up with answers on the spot for tough problems.

Rosen said of his former boss:

Steve would walk in the door and say, 'Alright, what's going on?' Somebody in the room would say we're trying to figure this out, maybe go to a whiteboard, and say we couldn't figure out what to do. And [Steve] would say, 'What about doing this?' And you could look around the room and you could just see people dumbfounded, their jaws dropping, because it was a really good idea.

What do you think Jobs' best strengths are?

Source: Business Insider

Chuong H Nguyen