Steve Jobs attends California transplant bill signing

Steve Jobs attended a the ceremony to honor the signing of California SB 1395, a bill that simplifies organ donation status and creates the nation's first kidney donor registry. Steve Jobs, who had liver transplant last year while on leave of absence from Apple, has been a strong proponent for better donor support ever since.

Along with Governor Schwarzenegger, Jobs had this to say:

"There were not enough livers in California to go around. I was advised by my Stanford doctors to enroll on a list at a Memphis hospital, because it was more favorable to get a liver there."I was fortunate," he said because he had the ability to fly cross country in the four-hour window needed to transplant a healthy organ. "Last year, 400 other Californians died waiting. I could have died."

It's an interesting glimpse at the Steve Jobs beyond Apple, and an admirable bit of work by California.

[Scopeblog via TUAW]

Rene Ritchie

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