Steve Jobs awarded 141 new patents since his death

After the late Apple co-founder's death several years ago, Steve Jobs didn't just leave a lasting legacy behind, but he continues to build this legacy posthumously. Since his passing, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Jobs an additional 141 patents, taking the total number to 458. Essentially, Jobs has collected a third of his patents after his passing.

As documented by the MIT Technology Review:

Altogether, a third of the 458 patented inventions and designs credited to Jobs have been approved since he died.

The first patent Jobs won was in 1983 for the Personal Computer. Among his newest patents awarded since his death is the glass cube design for Apple's Manhattan store.

Citing Florian Mueller, the publication noted that many of the patents that were awarded to Jobs are rooted in design:

He notes that many of Jobs's patents are on designs—like the look and feel of the iPhone—not on more substantial technical advances.

Source: MIT Technology Review

Chuong H Nguyen