Steve Jobs interview D8

Steve Jobs is live on stage at the D8 - All Things Digital conference being interviewed by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. They're not pulling any punches with the questions, and Jobs is answering in typically direct, quasi-terse form.

Notes after the break!


  • Rupert Murdoch scores the introduction, he's pleased to be working with new tech companies like Apple, who's sold 2 million iPads, and looks forward to other companies fielding "ePads" soon...
  • Jobs says surpassing Microsoft in market cap is surreal.
  • Regarding Flash, Apple doesn't have unlimited resources and chooses to invest those resources in technologies they think are on the rise, not the decline. Draws analogy to abandoning floppy on iMac.
  • Adobe promised mobile Flash for years, never delivered. Apple chose not to use the product, Adobe made a stink, Jobs had enough so he wrote the letter.
  • HTML5 is the future.
  • Ongoing investigation into lost/stolen iPhone prototype. Great story, has theft, buying of stolen property, extortion, Jobs is sure there's some sex in there...
  • Apple is looking into Foxconn situation.
  • Almost everyone uses WebKit, most popular mobile browser.
  • Jobs said Google decided to compete with Apple, Apple didn't go into search business.
  • Apple isn't going to remove Google from iPhone.
  • "Just because you're competing with someone doesn't mean you have to be rude."
  • Apple bought Siri, isn't that search? Jobs says no, it's AI. [Technically it leverages search API to make recommendations]
  • AT&T is doing better. They have way more data traffic than all the other network combined. Jobs won't comment on a Verizon iPhone.
  • Apple went a different way than Microsoft with the iPad/tablet. Jobs thought handwriting was slow. If you use Windows, you need a cursor. Throw out the stylus, use finger, need to start from scratch.
  • Jobs confirms they started with tablet before phone [Safari Pad stories FTW!]
  • Jobs claims he had idea for glass display with multitouch, Apple techs did it, Apple UI got inertial scrolling working, Jobs thought it would make an amazing phone.
  • Jobs doesn't want US to become a nation of bloggers [ouch!], need editors.
  • Newspapers need to think like internet business, aggressive on price and go for volume.
  • iPad is to PC what cars are to trucks. We're moving from farm computing to city computing [!]
  • What about App Store control and responsibility? Jobs says iPhone has 2 platforms, HTML5 and App Store. HTML5 [Safari] is completely open.
  • Doing the best they can with approval process, don't anticipate everything, make mistakes.
  • Seems to say Gizmodo bought stolen property and tried to extort him, can't let that slide, would rather quit.
  • Apple iAds, going into ad business. Thinks competitor ads "suck". No one else is making good ads.
  • Apple takes privacy seriously. Jobs takes shot at Google "Wi-Fi collection".
  • Apple was angry at Flurry for pulling unreleased device data out of apps. That's what caused the crackdown on analytics. Can't take that data and turn around and sell it. No excuse for not asking customers if they can take data. When Apple calms down they might discuss it further.
  • Working on better ways to share content.