Steve Jobs with iPad on Chair

While Steve Jobs will almost certainly announce the 4th generation iPhone on or about June 7 or 8 at WWDC 2010, a week earlier he'll be joining Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher for D All Things Digital. Says Swisher:

There is much to talk to Jobs about, obviously, including the new iPad, the mobile market and the iPhone, its tense relationship with Google (GOOG) and the next innovations from the Silicon Valley computer icon.

And no doubt that iPhone HD/iPhone 4G incident. With the iPhone announcement a week later, we don't expect a repeat of previous years where Jobs showed off new versions of iTunes or new products like the Airport Extreme, but we do expect a lot of the straight, borderline terse, but always insightful talk that have marked his previous appearances.

June 1 is the date to watch.