UPDATED: Steve Jobs: During FaceTime, mute is the new hold

How do you place a call on hold when you're both on iPhone 4 and Wi-Fi, and the FaceTime button has replaced the Hold button, but you're not using FaceTime?

Jonathan Cowperthwait emailed Apple's CEO to find out:

During many voice calls on my new iPhone 4, the "hold" icon has been replaced with a FaceTime icon, even when I'm not talking to a fellow iPhone 4 user. During such calls, how do I put someone on hold? Yes, there's still a mute button, but these functions are discrete (which is why iOS ≤ 3 had both buttons...).

Steve Jobs' answer:

Hold doesn't do anything more than Mute.

Apple tech support also told him he could disable FaceTime in settings so the button wouldn't show up, but that seems inconvenient if you do want to use FaceTime as well.

Acceptable answer? Do you miss the Hold button, or are you too busy FaceTime'ing people to have noticed its absence?

UPDATE: Per comments below, Mute on iPhone 4 does indeed seem to put the call on Hold. So, um, then where's the Mute button?

[Cowperthwait via TechCrunch]

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  • Technically he's right.
  • Mute the new hold? Thats BULL! So when i press mute it mutes my voice but not the noise from the other end. Unless both are now muted?
    So when i have it on speaker phone and press mute(when a colleague pops in my office to ask for something) because hold no longer exsists and my friend start cursing down the line.
    Or perhaps the landline rings and you go to pick it up and mute the call and all you can hear is your caller on your iphone talking. Its rather annoying/distracting
    I know its probably just me and not many people have these situations but i dont want to have to hang up on people or take my call of speaker albeit temporarily.
    I dont see why they couldnt have more than 6 options. Maybe they could have used the persons picture in the top right hand corner for facetime? Like the picture above click on the little picture of Derrick Hardy to launch the factime call or if no picture is store for that contact then a facetime placeholder.
    Oh Well!
  • In the Manual it is described that you hold a Call by tap and hold the Mute-Button. Doesn't that work?
  • FaceTime button is always there. Even when not on wifi and not talking to another iPhone. It just has a ? In the middle of the camera icon.
  • Yeah just tried it. Hold the mute button and it will hold the call. It will mute both people just like the old hold button. Hah, looks like Steve didn't know about this feature.
  • Just verified that the press and hold mute brings up hold. So Ben can get his panties out of a wad.
  • I def will not be missing it, I hope somehow we will be able to use the camera in the front to talk to people on skype
  • mute is hold.. i figured that out without having to email jobs
  • So what happens if u have in incoming call and u want to add them to three way??
  • Seems like the iPhone is getting less and less intuitive.
  • How about just waiting for someone to call and clicking over and putting someone on hold that way lol
  • Wow...now we have people complaining over a mute/hold button? Really?
  • While we're at it, how about we complain that the "End Call" button is now just "End".
    Gosh...how am I to know that End means to End Call. Ugh...
  • Less intuitive? Wow, people cry about wanting new features and when they get them they complain about it being less intuitive. I guess you can't please everybody. I guess there will always he whiners.
  • I've only ever used Mute in the past - wouldn't bother me either way. But cheers to them for keeping it (discreetly) and LOL @ Steve not knowing.
  • Mute mutes your sound, hold holds the line and allows you to bring in someone for 3 way calling. That is a significant difference. A couple of comments Steve made I wish he would keep his mouth shut. These aren't killer features we are talking about but sheesh people rely on some of these things sometimes. Remember in 2007 "the phone is the killer app?"
    At the same time, the article is crap by not looking up the "tap and hold mute for hold." I would prefer an article that gave me a great tip than to post something inflamatory. A quick check of the manual as most people have found shows the change in functionality. But then again it's easier to stir up a hornet's nest to get ad views than to provide useful info.
  • Technically, he's not right. Not even close. Mute suspends your audio only, whereas Hold suspends that of both parties. As others have pointed out, Hold also provides access to three-way functions.
    It may be par for Steve's course to make snide, disdainful one-liners, but to be factually incorrect - aggressive in the face of contradictory content in his own user manual - that is a new level of chutzpah.
  • What about an "image hold" in FaceTime. Is there a way to hold the image other than having to place the phone face down?
  • Little tip if you hold the mute button while in call it will turn into hold I have done and verified because I was wondering that myself
  • yep. tap + hold "mute" = "hold."
    steve should have said that.
    next topic. :-)
  • Hit the home screen once to pause the video while in FaceTime and it will still let you hear the voice Abd just go back into the call to see video again. Call the FaceTime people for a demo. 1-888-322-38463 or 1-888-FaceTime
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  • Just turn off "FaceTime" in the phone settings and you have your hold button back.