FBI file on Steve Jobs released, raises questions about his character

Steve Jobs' FBI file has been released and is now available for public viewing on their web site. It contains information from a background investigation conducted in 1991 when Jobs was being considered for an appointment to the President's Export Council during the Bush I White House. It also includes information relating to a bomb threat against Jobs in 1985.

The link comes via Gawker who pulled a lot of quotes from it about Jobs' character and personal behavior. The issue of Steve Jobs' character has come up on numerous occasions including his autobiography by Walter Isaacson. To many Apple fans his tendency to be abrasive and aggressive probably isn't anything new.

Creating an empire like Apple and products like the iPhone and iPad isn't typically done by killing everyone with kindness and constantly deferring to the needs and opinions of others. He was an entrepreneur, not someone running for sainthood, and I'm sure most of us, if we ever became that popular or successful, would get our fair share of the same treatment.

Hit the source link below for the full file.

Source: Jobs FBI file via Gawker

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.