Steve Jobs to present WWDC 2011 keynote to announce iCloud streaming and iOS 5

Apple has just confirmed that CEO Steve Jobs and a team of Apple executives will present its Word Wide Developers Conference (WWDC 2011) keynote on June 6 at 10am PDT, and both iOS 5 and iCloud are on the agenda.

Apple will unveil its next generation software - Lion, the eighth major release of Mac OS X; iOS 5, the next version of Apple's advanced mobile operating system which powers the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch; and iCloud, Apple's upcoming cloud services offering.

This is the first official mention we have seen of iCloud, so the anticipation for next week is building to to a peak! We will be there to bring you all the news as it happens!

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  • I'm just hoping i5 will be announced with 4"+ screen!!
  • I'm with you!
  • Yes, 4" would be just right; anything bigger would probably be pushing it.
  • screen size doesn't matter at all, I can't really tell the difference between 3.5 and 4 inches, I think the screen size thing is just a fad. People have heard someone on a tech site say it, now they all want it. Then when you get it you will realize there is no major difference. I have an iphone 4 and i've used a fascinate alot. There was no noticeable difference really.
  • I agree, I don't think there will be a huge difference either, nor do I care. I like the iPhone screen size where it is ... I'm more interested in it being lighter, faster, and thinner w/great software enhancements then I am a screen bump.
  • @ilovegeorgia & EagleyeSmith: I beg to differ; screen size matters to some of us. Thinner and lighter would be nice, but when I went from a Samsung Vibrant (4") to my current iPhone 4 (3.5"), I noticed the difference immediately, and I found reading and typing on the iPhone to be a bit more difficult, altho to be fair, it probably had more to do with the iPhone's lack of a Swype keyboard and text reflow than the screen size. That's what I miss about the Vibrant; the 4" screen size felt just right; not too big or small. But that phone just had too many issues... So that extra .5" did make an appreciable difference in usability, for me at least. I find it an acceptable tradeoff (for now), as I'm still mostly satisfied with my iPhone 4. The screen isn't that much smaller, and it helps give me better battery life, which is crucial. But I'd still like a 4" screen, and so would a lot of other iPhone users. I know this is largely subjective and probably just a matter of personal preference, and that's fine. But the 3.5" screen of the iPhone, while adequate for most purposes, feels just a bit cramped for my big hands (and old eyes LOL) when it comes to reading and typing (thank God for landscape mode!), and I'm sure I'm not the only one, so it's got to be more than just a fad. I'm still debating on whether or not to stick with iOS because of this; if Apple don't bring the screen up to 4" on their next iPhone, or significantly improve the keyboard in iOS5, then I may have to consider taking my business elsewhere next time I upgrade (either back to Android or maybe give WP7 Mango a try). Whatever they announce at WWDC will factor into my decision.
  • I'm just hoping there is a new iphone announced at WWDC and that it will be out in july/august
  • Wow, wouldn't have thought that Apple would just come out with it and say they were doing it. That means that there's gonna be something else that's the... "one more thing" announcement.
    I doubt that we'll see an iPhone, but it could be possible.
  • I'm just excited that Steve Jobs will be there...
  • Finally, some real news.
  • "Word" wide?
  • This guy has at least one typo in EVERY post. It's almost fun to find them.
  • lmao!!!!
  • In previous words did they announce this before wwdc? And if so did they also say the keynote would include a phone?
  • I hope they announce the iPhone 5
  • They have never mentioned a new iPhone ever in press releases like so there still could be an iphone 5 the first time we hear about the new hardware is at the keynote.
  • hate to say it but not to interested , dont like widgets and i have lockinfo already.
    iphone 5 or bust
  • any indication that we will have live streaming of the event?
  • +1
  • +2
  • iHope iOs 5 has some good improvement, someone called my phone a glorified app launcher over the weekend and for a second...I believe it :-/
  • How so? Isn't that essentially what all touch screen smartphones are?
  • you should have replied, at least it's not a glorified virtual machine (Android), or a glorified web browser (webOS)... lol
  • I'm not sure that's inaccurate though. Aside from making phone calls what else is expected from any smart device? Any tool in it's Swiss Army Knife approach is a program whether they're labeled apps or widgets, it's all programming designed to keep the device in your hand as much as possible. I think your response might've been best as "it's not a glorified app launcher, it's THE app launcher"
  • Can't wait for iOS 5 I hope they bring those multitasking gestures that were in the betas for iOS 4.3
  • I'm surprised to see them mention iCloud in the PR! i thought they would have saved it and announced at the actual keynote, but hey!
  • It will be nice to know more about iCloud. I wonder if its like plugging the iPhone into the computer/iTunes. Can we sync to the cloud? Will we even need a desktop anymore to sync to?
  • Hardware is old news. We are basically at a time where you throw a dual core chip with a decent battery and there you go. Tech is a cyclical thing where there is constant jockeying of hardware and software capabilities. On the iOs platform, it was software that has lagged behind the curve. I am more excited to see what Apple has in store for iOS, Lion, and iCloud.
  • Very excited to hear about iOS 5, iCloud and Lion. Don't really need a new iPhone since I think iPhone 4 is still very capable! Not much to change hardware wise except upgrade chipsets, and camera. NFC chip would be nice though!
  • So, there'll be no new iPhone? Or maybe Apple just wanted to give us a big sneaky short teasing surprise??
  • Expect no hardware folks. It isn't coming. With Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud, there's no time left for hardware announcements. Those three topics warrant 2 hours all on their own. It'll be something like 15 minutes for intro and business statistics, 30 minutes for Lion, 45 minutes for iOS 5 and 30 minutes for iCloud. There just isn't time.
    If, say, the next version of the iPhone comes out in early July, Apple will do a special event a week or 2 prior in late June.
    Also, the time is coming near that iPods will get the Mac treatment and will not warrant a special event anymore. iPod shuffles, iPod nanos and even iPod touches will be announced by press releases while iPads and iPhones get the special marketing event treatment.
  • iAgree. WWDC 2011 will be a Software Big Bang for Apple. I suspect that iOS 5 and Lion need to be announced with iCloud because they're all interoperable. There will no doubt be Cocoa frameworks for transparently storing and retrieving data from iCloud.
    The raw communication infrastructure is already in place. iOS and Mac OS both support iPv6 and VPN. iPv6 lets devices communicate with each other even if one or both are behind firewalls or NAT boxes. Perfect for iCloud syncing. VPN lets you securely access a remote LAN, even from unsecured public WiFi hotspots. Perfect for streaming from anywhere.
  • IPv6 doesn't magically get around firewalls, which are security measures unlike NAT and masquerading which are methods of dealing with IPv4 not having enough address space for all connected devices. So you would still have to punch holes through your firewall to have incoming connections.
    VPN is overkill for individual applications and have their own connectivity issues. Connections could be more easily secured via SSL or SSH etc.
    So I doubt any of this iCloud stuff is going to rely on IPv6 or VPN.
    While iCloud is going to be a big part of it, it just sounds like it is going to be somethig similar to Dropbox or Amazon Cloud. I'm more interested in what they are going to do with notifications, widgets (at least for better lockscreen utilization), file management and other app improvements etc.
  • The 3GS was announced in about 5minutes. If iPhone 5 is just a spec bump, that's what nay happen again.
  • Still would like to know if iOS 5 will be immediately available for iPhone 4 or if we will have to WAIT for the iPhone 5 to get the OS?? It would seem pretty stupid to me to announce an OS that won't be available until they announce the next iPhone... hopefully we will all be installing iOS 5 on our phones next week....
  • They usually preview iOS months ahead of public release so that developers can test it out, find last minute bugs, and update and submit their apps in time for the public release.
    In previous years iOS has been previewed around April and then release with new hardware in June, but of course things could be a little different this year.
  • i hope iOS will be available for download soon after the keynote...
  • No way. Well, if you're a developer, you'll obviously get it. But for Joe User, it's going to take something like 5 2-week beta cycles. That's 2.5 months.
  • i wonder if we'll see a revised Map app (much needed) as well as the over-talked about notifications revamp...
  • I don't see anything about streaming mentioned in the PR. That's a mistake, TIPB.
  • I sure hope ios5 isn't all about iCloud because I couldn't care less where I sync from :/.
  • I'd love it if I could still have my 4,000 songs locally on my iPhone but have access to my full library if 60,000 songs if my phone was online.
    That is if it was free!
  • I concur. I have Slacker Premium Radio now and really don't even have a need for my ipod anymore. iCloud means nothing to me.
  • iCloud does not excite me as much as Apple believes it should. How much of our virtual lives will be hosted and managed by third party servers? How much more vonerable can we get as a society? You would think the Sony debacle would be a cautionary lesson for all of us. OK. Off my soapbox. Apple has to know that the public expects a new iPhone announcement at WWDC. Disregarding that doesn't seem like sound business to me. I hope iOS5 is so impressive that it FEELS like we are all getting new iPhones.
  • If there's no support for 3GS phones, there are gonna be a TON of pissed people with their phone done with the regular 2-year cycles, no longer covered under AppleCare AND no frigging replacement? Thanks Apple!!!!
    The only out I see here is Apple supporting 3GS. And they're totally dropping the ball in a lot of places
    this year. Total embarassment.
  • 3 words: Minimum system requirements. More words: until tech hits the proverbial wall of Moore's law tech will continue to advance @ an exponential rate. When people bought into the very first iPhone they were buying the most advanced tech. Why the surprise it's no longer so?
  • I can't wait to see what iOS 5 has to offer, also iCloud looks pretty sweet. I hope it's free, if not oh well I'll still pay for it :P
  • From Podcast: If it's only Itunes purchases is it a deal breaker
    My answer: Absolutely. I had an enormous cd collection before the napster days coupled with my dad's enormous jazz cd collection. I looked and i have 22000+ songs none bought from itunes. I was thinking too. LOL, at 99c each it came out to $21,000 dollars to buy on itunes. Not only that i haven't bought new music in like 10 years. some because there's little i like and two because of torrents. So yeah. deal breaker if it's itunes store only. And either way i'm unlikely to pay for it.
  • Well if I understand well they can't drop 3GS because no new hardware will be announced ?
  • So with this icloud what does it mean for people without unlimited data?? :-/
  • Just wondering when Steve jobs reveals iOS 5 will it be available then or will it go into beta and everyone have to wait a month or two?
  • I don't think there will be an iPhone 5.... But I do think that the "one more thing" could very likely be an iPhone 4S with no changes other then a faster CPU and possibly a 64gb model.... A tmobile and/or sprint phone are also a possibility. Apple has already sent out iPhone 4's with a faster CPU's to some developers.... This would be a pretty simple change and a pretty short announcement.... Then I suspect the the iPhone 5 will come out next spring and the iPad 3 will be released side by side with IOS 6 at wwdc 2012
  • For crying out loud, everyone that says a four inch touchscreen is not needed has to be lying to themselves or is obssesed with the iphone and would never speak a negative word against it. I like the iphone and a four inch screen would be amazing, heck 4.3 would be even better, as long as Apple does not make the phone much bigger.