Steve Jobs Tells iPodRip to Change the Name -- Not a Big Deal

Steve Jobs sent a curt reply to The Little App Factory, telling them it was not a big deal for them to change their Apple trademark-infringing, iPodRip product name.

Rewind: iPodRip was software designed to pull media off an iPod (no, not for piracy, but to recover files in the event you lost them on the host machine). Apple's lawyers complained. The Little App Factory's John Devor wrote a plea for help. Jobs responded in typical fashion.

Long story shorter: iPodRip has been renamed iRip.

Bigger picture: Yes. Steve's back, baby! The curt reply has returned!

Our only question now: Who's next?!

[Full text of both emails is up at CrunchGear. Via Gizmodo]

Rene Ritchie

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