Steve Jobs

The director of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Glenn D. Lowry, has written and opinion piece on CNN about how Steve Jobs was the lynchpin of our tech generation, a way to define ourselves much like Bob Dylan or the Beatles helped define Jobs' own generation. Lowry explained how important efficiency and art were to Jobs' products, and how they allow us to identify with one another.

Jobs realized that the digital generation not only wanted access to an endless array of information and entertainment, it wanted it delivered in a way that projected the user's sense of self; that personal style mattered as much as function.

Apple has become an almost universal sign of belonging to a connected and open world that is deeply curious and innovative and is youthful in spirit.

It's undoubtable that Jobs' was influential to say the least. Without Jobs influence at Apple, all of these attributes that Jobs embodied and expressed through his products will be lost. It wasn't Apple making products, it was Jobs at Apple putting together a great team and almost willing the products into existence.

Apple was his brush and consumers, his canvas.

Source: CNN