Regarding Steve Jobs and WWDC

There was some great news this week on the Steve Jobs front. According to the WSJ his Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak said Jobs sounded "healthy and energetic" while admitting he'd never asked directly about Jobs' health. ran a story saying Jobs had gone into Apple HQ for a meeting.

So, despite Apple consistently stating that Steve Jobs' leave of absence would run through the "end of June", despite WWDC running June 8-12, despite Apple announcing Phil Schiller would Keynote this year, rumors, speculation, and simple hope remains for a surprise appearance or cameo of any kind.

Obviously, that's a tribute to the presence of Steve Jobs.

Could it happen? Never is never an answer. Could Phil Schiller pull out a next-generation iPhone to take a call or play a voice-mail from Jobs, the way Jobs has called Schiller at previous WWDCs? It would certainly give the audience -- on location and on the internet -- a huge thrill.

But all we know for certain at this point is Steve Jobs is still scheduled to return to Apple at the end of June and given his historical desire for privacy, that might be all we're going to know.

Rene Ritchie

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