Steve Wozniak to help launch Silicon Valley Comic Con in 2016

Wozniak explained why he was helping to launch this new venture in a memo posted on the convention's website. He said:

I'm teaming up with friends to make this happen because I want to give Silicon Valley it's very own kind of Comic Con where everyone can have fun enjoying what they love. Today we're lucky to have so many kinds of entertainment, from movies, TV shows, web series, music, video games, social media and more, and the lines between entertainment and the technology we love so much in Silicon Valley are getting blurrier every day. We're going to create a place where all these different kinds of interests can come together, and we can come together too.

Wozniak also stars in a new video introducing the Silicon Valley Comic Con with an appearance by Marvel Comics writer and legend Stan Lee. The event itself will be held at the San Jose Convention Center but other details such as guests, pricing and more have yet to be revealed.

Source: Silicon Valley Comic Con

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  • Ok, is this a Con for the show Silicon Valley of the location. Personally, I think it might be fun to see a bunch of folks imitating Erlich, Jared, Gilfoyle and Peter Gregory (RIP) than another Super Hero love fest.
  • That would most definitely be fun to see Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Some might say Steve Wozniak is eccentric, but the man appears to know how to enjoy himself.