Steve Wozniak talks early days of Apple in profile piece

Bloomberg sat down with Steve Wozniak last week for a short profile of the Apple co-founder. In a video of their interview, Woz speaks in detail about the early days of Apple — from hand designing the boards of the Apple-1 to his eventual departure from the company in 1987.

What really comes out in the interview is Wozniak's passion for engineering. He details how he went so far as to completely re-design his initial layout for the Apple-1's board to bring the number of holes down from 8 to 5 to make it "artistically perfect."

In additional tidbits from the video, Woz dispels the myth that Apple was initially run out of a garage, and notes a change in Steve Jobs' personality at the time that Apple went public.

The short video, embeded below, is definitely worth a watch, even if just to hear Wozniak's passion for what he accomplished all those years ago.

Source: Bloomberg

Dan Thorp-Lancaster