Steve Jobs with iPad on Chair

Apple CEO and part time CSR Steve Jobs is on a roll replying to the faithful about the state and status of their beloved gadgets, this time giving word on Google Docs to iPad, and a universal inbox for iPhone Mail and a confirmation on free ePub eBook support for iTunes and iBooks.

First up, TUAW tells us:

Late last night, a TUAW reader sent us an email that was reportedly from Jobs. The reader asked if there was a way he could transfer his Google Docs to his iPad through or iDisk. Jobs' reply? "Yes."

Reader Julio R. asked Steve if we can expect a universal mailbox on the iPhone. His answer? "Yep."

iPhone 4.0 perhaps?

Also, TiPb Facebook friend Andrea N sent us word from Jobs confirming free ePub books (like those we mentioned yesterday from Project Gutenberg) will indeed work on the iPad.

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While the brevity (even terseness) of Jobs' emails entertain at times, it's amazing to see him respond at all, let alone so frequently. (Though we'd love to see Ballmer and Schmidt responding from their BlackBerry Nexus Ones and Windows Phones respectively...