Super Mario 3D All-Stars: How to find all 120 Stars in Super Mario 64

Course 10: Snowman's Land

Super Mario 64 Snowman Land

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The entrance for Snowman's Land is located in the castle's second story. To get there from the main entrance, head up the stairs. You'll need the key you earned from fighting Bowser in the Fire Sea to open this door. Once it's unlocked, head up the winding stairs and through the door.

You'll come into a room where you're facing a painting with a Skeeter on it. Head right and enter the door that has a Star on it.

When you step into the next room, you'll be facing a giant mirror. Notice that in the reflection, there's a painting of snowmen on the left wall, but there's no painting on your side. Head to the left and jump into the plain wall to start the course. If you need help acquiring the Snowman's Land Stars, keep reading.

Star 1: Snowman's Big Head

Head to the backside of the giant snowman and triple jump your way over the ice obstacles getting sent your way to reach the cliff behind it. Now wind your way up the wooden path, but stop before passing in front of the Snowman's face.

You need to use the penguin as a shield so that the Snowman cannot blow you off of him. Be careful as the penguin sometimes steps backward instead of forwards. Jump onto the cliff that makes up the Snowman's head to get a Star.

Star 2: Chill with the Bully

Upon entering the level head to the right around the Giant Snowman. You'll see a massive, blue Chill Billy on an icy platform. Hit it enough time to make it fall off the ledge to get a Star.

Star 3: In the Deep Freeze

Upon landing, head to your left. You'll see a Star in an ice block maze. Jump into the opening that's nearest the giant Snowman. Now do a backflip to reach the high ledge. Finally, drop down to the Star below.

Star 4: Whirl from the Freezing Pond

Head to the back right side of the level and jump on top of one of the Spindrifts to make Mario spin and float in the air. Use this time to reach the cliff in the very back. There are two Yellow ! Blocks. Hit the left one to reveal a Star.

Star 5: Shell Shreddin' for 8 Red Coins

Head to the back right of the level and jump on one of the Spindrifts that's in the water so you can float the cliff behind it. Now hit the Yellow ! Block on the right to get a Green Koopa Shell.

Ride the Koopa Shell along the path to the left. After collecting the first three, drop down to your right to get another Red Coin. Two Red Coins are in the water beneath the Chill Billy and another is sitting next to a tree just beyond that.

Star 6: Into the Igloo

Go to the back right behind the Snowman and jump on a Spindrift to launch yourself into the air. Land on the cliff behind and hit the Yellow ! Block to get a Koopa Shell. Ride it back to the right backside of the Snowman and go up a ramp to a gated off section with an igloo in it. Now crawl into the igloo.

You'll find an ice maze inside filled with several different Power Blocks, Coins, and a Star. Head straight back into the maze and make a slight right after you see the Goomba. You'll see a Blue ! Block through the ice. Round the corner and you'll see a Spindrift.

There's a gap between the ice wall and the ceiling here. Jump up and crawl into the small room. Hit the Blue ! Block to get a Vanish Cap that lets you walk through walls. Use this time to collect Coins and the Star.

Star 7: 100 Coin Power Star

Here's how to collect 100 Coins at Snowman's Land.

  • There are several Spindrifts around Snowman Land - creatures with pink flowers growing from their heads. Each time you defeat one, it will release three Coins. You can get a lot of Coins this way.
  • Collect the Red Coins to add 16 Coins to your total.
  • Some snowmen throw snowballs. If you run around them and make them dizzy, they will fall over and die leaving you with three Coins.
  • To top off, you'll definitely want to enter the igloo and get all of the Coins found in there.

The Star will appear in the igloo in the section where multiple Coins are stacked close together.

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