Super Mario 3D All-Stars: How to find all 120 Stars in Super Mario 64

Course 12: Tall, Tall Mountain

Super Mario 64 Tall Tall Mountain

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You'll find the Tall, Tall Mountain painting in the same room as the painting for Wet-Dry World. It's a smaller painting behind the large staircase that depicts giant mushrooms next to a mountainside.

If you can't remember how to get to Wet-Dry World, here's a reminder. From the castle entrance, go up the previously locked double doors and then make your way up the winding staircase. When you open the door at the top, you'll be in this room.

Star 1: Scale the Mountain

Run up the mountain and launch yourself over the gaps. You'll see a section of long-stemmed mushrooms. Run past them and continue to climb the mountain. When you get to the area with a Fly Guy, head right and jump on the log. Now carefully run on it to make it move closer to the platform on the other side.

Continue up the slope avoiding rolling balls and Goombas along the way. Some areas will be very narrow and difficult to traverse. Take your time and get across safely. When you finally reach the top a Star will be waiting for you.

Star 2: Mystery of the Monkey Cage

Head directly to your right upon entering the level and you'll see a 1-Up. Head to it and jump off into the blue. Instead of falling you'll hit a gust of air and can use it to land on the cliff above. Either defeat or avoid the Chuckya and follow the path until it gets to the log.

Jump across the log and carefully make your way to the top of the mountain. You'll find the monkey waiting up top. If you run at it, it will get stuck by the fence behind it. Capture it and then free it, it will lead you to a Star. Jump down to where the Star is to acquire it.

Star 3: Scary & 'Shrooms, Red Coins

You'll need to collect all 8 Red Coins at Tall, Tall Mountain to get this Star:

  • Head up the mountain slope until you reach the section with several long red mushrooms. Jump across their heads and collect four Red Coins.
  • Now continue up the ramp. When you see a mushroom on your right and Monty Moles popping out of the ground on your left, you're in the right place. Head over to the Monty Miles and wall jump upwards to reach a Red Coin.
  • Fall down on your left to reach another Red Coin.
  • Continue heading up to reach another Red Coin.
  • The last Red Coin is on the highest platform in this area.

The Star will appear on the lone mushroom sticking out beside the mountain once you've collected all of the Red Coins.

Star 4: Mysterious Mountainside

Make your way up the mountain once again to the area with the Monty Moles. Jump up the platforms in this area and then continue up the mountain to your right. Jump across the gap with the waterfall and be careful not to let the windy cloud blow you off.

At about this point you'll notice a row of five Coins. If you jump into the square section of the wall next to the Coins, you'll find yourself in a secret new place. Slide down the slope and collect Coins without falling off to earn a Star.

Star 5: Breathtaking View from Bridge

Once more make your journey up the mountain until you get to the top of the waterfall. You'll notice that there's a Star hidden behind it. Jump behind the waterfall to get the Star.

Star 6: Blast to the Lonely Mountain

Head up to the mountain until you get to the place where the purple Chuckya is. Walk along the narrow wooden plank that has five Coins on it until you get the far platform. Drop down between this platform and the mountain and you'll find a pink Bob-omb.

After talking to it, it will open its cannons. Head down the mountain to where you always start each level and then start heading up the mountain again. When you get to the patch of long red mushrooms, you'll notice that every once in awhile a black Bob-omb falls from above.

Stand on the mushroom that has a Yellow ! Block. Now jump to the small mushroom on the left. If you stand there for a second, you will get teleported. In this new area, carefully make your way to the left along the narrow cliff and you'll eventually reach the cannon.

Now shoot yourself at the Star in the distance. Be careful not to overshoot the mushroom or you'll have to do everything all over again.

Star 7: 100 Coin Power Star

Here's how to collect 100 Coins at Tall, Tall Mountain.

  • Defeating the Chuckya will earn you five Coins.
  • Throwing the Bob-ombs at each other will result in two Coins.
  • There are five Coins along the bridge next to the waterfall at the top of the mountain.
  • Five more Coins can be found near the top of the mountain.
  • Use the monkey bars near the Monty Moles to collect five Coins.
  • Collecting the 8 Red Coins for this level will add 16 Coins to your total.
  • Head to the Secret Star area on the mountainside with the slide. If you play it right, you can gather as many as 61 Coins from this area. But getting that many is a tricky feat.

The Star will appear on top of the Monty Mole monkey bars once you've collected at least 100 Coins.

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