Super Mario 3D All-Stars: How to find all 120 Stars in Super Mario 64

Course 11: Wet-Dry World

Super Mario 64 Wet Dry World

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Remember the painting of a Skeeter that we saw before? You're going to need to enter it to get to Wet-Dry World. In case you need help, remember that from the castle entrance you need to go up the stairs, enter the previously locked double doors, wind your way around the stairs, and then open the door to reach this painting.

Pro Tip: The height at which you enter the painting will determine how high the water is in the level. To make the water super high, do a backflip into the painting. For the lowest water level, hardly hop into the painting.

Star 1: Shocking Arrow Lifts!

Turn around and swim down to the multicolored button beneath the water. This will lower the water level. You'll see a Yellow ! Block is now hanging in the air in the distance. Swim over and get on the various platforms until you can reach it. Hit it to get a Star.

Star 2: Top O' The Town

Head straight forward after landing on the platform. There's a multicolored button under the water next to the brick ramp. Touch it to lower the water level. Head left and be wary of the purple Chuckya. You can defeat him by grabbing him from behind and throwing him.

You'll notice that there's a platform in the sky in front of you. Jump onto it and carefully make your way past the electrical Amp enemies. Now jump onto the platform with the Yellow ! Block. Hit it to reveal a Star.

Star 3: Secrets in the Shallows & Sky

To begin, dive down beneath the curved white ramp and hit the multicolored button. This will drastically lower the water level.

You'll notice that there are gray and red blocks behind the pillar that has a yellow arrow on it. Move the block so that it is under the shadow of the Yellow ! Block floating above it. Hitting the Yellow ! Block will result in Mario earning 10 Coins and making a special number appear. Next head up to the main structure's first level. You'll see another one of these gray and red blocks in the wall. Push it in further to get another number.

Now you'll need to make your way to the top of the structure. Do this by making a windup Heave-Ho toy face away from the cliff you want to reach and then stepping on their floor mat. This will make them launch you into the air behind them.

Once you get to the second-highest level, you'll notice a pillar surrounded by Coins and with a Yellow ! Block above it. Get on top of this pillar and hit the Block to get 10 Coins and another special number.

Go forward and you'll see another grey and red block. Push it against the brick structure before getting on top of it and hitting the Yellow ! Block. This will give you 10 more Coins and another special number.

Now head as far right as you can and step on the Purple ! Button near the cage. This will make some blocks temporarily disappear. Jump on top of these blocks and get on top of the cage. Hit the Yellow ! Block located here to make a Star appear below.

Make your way to where the purple Chuckya enemy is. Now jump across the floating platforms until you're able to jump down on the platform where the Star resides.

Star 4: Express Elevators — Hurry up!

When you enter this level, the water will be very low. Use the windup Heave-Ho toys to launch you up to the highest section of the brick structure. Now run and press the Purple ! Button. Climb to the top of the cage and drop down on the wooden plank passing through the bars.

This will make a section fall to the ground. Go down with it and destroy the block at the bottom. Now enter the cage and jump on the platform. It will rise up and take you to the Star.

Star 5: Go to Town for Red Coins

When you enter, the water level will be very high. Swim to the wooden platform behind you and talk to the pink Bob-omb. This will get it to open the cannon hatch. Now make your way up the ramp and into the cannon.

Shoot yourself off into the distance so that you land in a caged off area. Now dive down into this white cavern until you come out into a new area. Replenish your air before continuing. Now it's time to find the Wet-Dry World's Red Coins:

  1. Swim to the white and red building that resembles a small castle to get the first Red Coin.
  2. Turn around and lower the water level by hitting the button just underneath where you swam into this place. Now head back towards the little castle but go right when you see the small brick garden bed. Wall jump back and forth until you reach the top. Break the block on the right to get a Red Coin.
  3. Now jump across to the other platform and break the other block to get another Red Coin.
  4. Long jump to launch yourself onto the grey platform in front of the little castle. Jump down into the space directly in front of the little castle and break the block to get another Red Coin.
  5. Carefully walk along the wall towards the blocks at the end. Hit one to get a Red Coin.
  6. Make your way to the other one and break it to get yet another Red Coin.
  7. You'll notice a block across the way on the building behind you. Jump onto the building. You guessed it, you'll get a Red Coin if you hit it.
  8. Finally, drop down and head to the cage on the left side of the little castle. Wall jump between the wall and the cage until you reach the top. Hitting this final block gets you a Red Coin and reveals the Star.

The Star will appear under the little castle's arch once you've collected all of the Red Coins.

Star 6: Quick Race through Downtown

Swim to the wooden platform behind you and to the left to talk to the pink Bob-omb. Now make your way to the recently opened cannon and drop in.

Shoot yourself off into the distance so that you land in a caged off area. Now dive down into this white cavern until you come out into a new area filled with huge toy buildings. Replenish your air before continuing.

After coming through the grate, dive down and touch the multicolored button to lower the water level. A Blue ! Block is located on the right side of a little red and white castle. Hit it to get the Vanish Cap. Now run through the buildings to get to the caged area on the left side of the castle.

Wall jump between the grey stone and the cage to get up on the platforms. Now jump up the steps until you reach the Star.

Star 7: 100 Coin Power Star

Note: We find it helps to lower the water level to its lowest when trying to get all 100 Coins. To do this swim behind the curved stone ramp and touch the multicolored button under the water behind it.

  • Killing a Skeeter gives you three Coins. Defeat as many of these as you can.
  • Destroy the brown blocks surrounding the level to get three Coins each time.
  • To the left of where you came in, there's a Blue Coin Button on a ledge. Ground-pound it to make six Blue Coins appear, which adds 30 Coins to your total.
  • Collecting this level's Red Coins will add 16 Coins to your total.
  • On the second-highest part of the brick structure, there's a pillar surrounded by eight Coins and an electric Amp.
  • Jump onto the pillar mentioned above to hit a Yellow ! Block filled with 10 Coins.
  • There are a few grey blocks with red trim throughout the level. Interacting with each of these will give you Coins.
  • Defeating the purple Chuckya will result in you earning five Coins.
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