Super Mario 3D All-Stars: How to find all 120 Stars in Super Mario 64

Course 2: Whomp's Fortress

Super Mario 64 Whomps Fortress

To access Whomp's Fortress, you'll need to have acquired at least one Star. From the main castle entryway, enter the door on the bottom right below the railing. You'll see a painting with a tall tower on it. Jump inside to start the level.

Now, here's how to get all Stars at Whomp's Fortress.

Star 1: Chip Off Whomp's Block

Make your way to the top of the fortress by jumping on various ramps, elevators, and platforms. When you reach the top you'll find a giant Whomp waiting for you. Get close enough to him so that he falls forward leaving his back exposed. Now ground-pound onto his back. Repeat this two more times to defeat him and get a Star.

Star 2: To the Top of the Fortress

Climb up to the top of the fortress where you defeated the giant Whomp. You'll notice that a new tower section is now located up here. Jump up the platforms around the tower while dodging Bullet Bills. You'll find a Star at the top of the tower.

Star 3: Shoot into the Wild Blue

Cross the watery section until you find a pink Bob-bomb with a cannon hole next to it. Enter the cannon and fire yourself between the pillars on the platform just below the flagpole. You'll find a Star waiting in this area.

Star 4: Red Coins on the Floating Island

You'll need to collect all eight of the level's Red Coins to get this Star.

  1. The first Red Coin is located just above where the second white block is moving in and out.
  2. Head up the white stone stairway and you'll see a blue Thwomp moving up and down. Jump on top of it to get a Red Coin.
  3. Continue from where the Blue Thwomp is and you'll soon see a Piranha Flower. A Red Coin is hiding just behind it.
  4. The next Red Coin is pressed against the Fortress wall between this first Piranha Flower and a second one.
  5. Continue past the second Piranha Flower and you'll see a rotating platform. Walk out to the far end and stand there as it passes through a Red Coin.
  6. Now jump down onto the slope beneath the rotating platform to get another Red Coin.
  7. Make your way to the top of the grey section of the fortress. You'll notice a wooden plank standing upright. Hit it to make it fall down and create a path to the floating islands. Collect the Red Coin on the floating brick island.
  8. Continue jumping along the floating islands until you reach the furthest one out with its Red Coin.

To collect the Star, jump down to the bottom level near to where you first appeared.

Star 5: Fall on to the Caged Island

Climb the tree on the left of where you first appear. A small brown owl will come out of the canopy once you've reached the top. Jump up beneath it to have it carry you through the air. Navigate the owl over the floating cage and then drop down into it to get the Star. Be careful. If you take too long, the owl will drop you.

Star 6: Blast Away the Wall

Go up to the white brick section and make your way across the water to the pink Bob-omb. Jump in the cannon and aim it back towards the top of the cliff you passed on the way over. When Mario hits the bricks, it will lodge a section loose revealing a Star. Make your way up near the Piranha Flower and claim your newly exposed Star.

Star 7: 100 Coin Power Star

To get this Star, you will need to gather 100 Coins. Here are some tips to get you there.

  • Jump on a Thwomp's back to get a Coin. Ground-pound on its back to earn five more.
  • Jump on a Piranha Flower's head to defeat it. This will result in a Blue Coin worth five regular Coins.
  • Red Coins are each worth two Coins each. Collect all to add 16 Coins to your total.
  • Five Coins are located on the dirt ramp close to where you start on the level.
  • Five more Coins can be found on the white stone near the water.
  • Eight Coins can be found in a ring within the water.
  • Five Coins are found in a row next to the pink Bob-omb.
  • Around the corner from the pink Bob-omb there's a button with a Blue Coin on it. Ground-pound this to make four Blue Coins appear. They are worth five Coins apiece and will add 20 Coins to your total if you get them all.
  • Pick up the brown block near the Blue Coin button and throw it. It will burst into three Coins.
  • Eight more Coins are found on the platform beneath the flagpole.
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