The Surprise — Apple's 2019 holiday ad will punch you in your feels gut

I'm not a fan of anything that shows kids being given gadgets just to keep them quiet. So, when I first started watching Apple's latest holiday ad, The Surprise, I was genuinely not fond of the direction it was going. But then, something flipped.

Bit by bit, you see the family isn't being dysfunctional. They're literally not functional. Something has happened that has all the adults reeling. At their limits. Unable to cope. Even with each other. And that sucks for the kids.But, as they're being silenced with gadgets, they don't just join in the dysfunction. They push back against it. Using the very gadget they were given.

No spoilers, but the end result is heart-achingly terrific.

Sure, it's an ad. It's scripted. It's not real and should never be taken as such. But that doesn't mean it can't reach out and punch you in your feels gut. And this totally does.

I still really dislike the parent's misuse of technology as wall in the beginning, but I straight-up love the children's use of technology as an instrument of healing at the end.

Would that it can always be so.

Song: "Married Life" by Michael Giacchino

Rene Ritchie

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