SwiftConf offers discounted 'late bird' pricing

If you can't make it to WWDC this year, or even if you can, and you're looking for something else, SwiftConf — the developer conference formerly known as Objective-Cologne — happens June 23 - 25, 2015 at the Alte Versteigerungshalle in Cologne, Germany. The event's promoter has announced "late bird" pricing and indie tickets for 429€ and 299€ respectively. The regular price is 529€.

SwiftConf is a three day event whose speaker lineup includes Robin Hauser Reynolds and Staci Hartman, whose documentary CODE draws attention to the gender and minority gap in software development. Uli Kusterer of peripheral maker Elgato will talk, along with Midroll Media's Lex Friedman, and others.

Events scheduled for the conference include an all-day hackathon, labs, a conference dinner, after-conference drinking and socializing opportunities, panels and more.

SwiftConf happens only a week and a half after WWDC 2015, so many of the talks and much of the code review is sure to focus on the new technology that will emerge from Apple's event. Bottom line: If you're near Cologne or can make the trip, it's worth your while!

Peter Cohen