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T-Mobile really wants you to buy the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with the Un-carrier, so much so that the company is offering competitive prices and a coverage guarantee. From just $20 a month for the iPhone 6s and $24 a month for the Plus version, T-Mobile is going all out with Apple's new hardware.

So, the contract pricing is pretty neat, but how long is this coverage satisfaction guarantee? The company is offering a first-of-its-kind lifetime guarantee. For as long as you own and use the iPhone 6 (or iPhone 6s Plus) on T-Mobile, you'll be covered by the guarantee. Should you be unsatisfied with the coverage, the company will refund what you paid in the first month. After the initial month, T-Mobile will unlocked the iPhone at no cost for you to switch.

It's quite the step-up from the company's previous Un-carrier 5.0 T-Mobile Test Drive of just one week. But enough of your satisfaction guarantee, how do the prices break down for those looking to pick up the new phones?

As touched on already, you can walk away with the new iPhone 6s with T-Mobile for just $20 a month (for 18 months) with JUMP! On Demand, or the iPhone 6s Plus for an extra $4 a month. Both smartphones will be available with $0 down. And because you're taking advantage of T-Mobile JUMP!, you'll be able to upgrade to another smartphone whenever you want. After the 18 months are up on the contract, you can fork out $164 to keep the iPhone 6s.

Do note that T-Mobile states these prices are introductory for the launch, so we imagine they won't last for any length of time. Also remember that T-Mobile will pay up to $650 to see you switch from a competing carrier with a trade-in. Both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be available for pre-order starting September 12.

For more information, hit the link below to read through the announcement.

Source: T-Mobile

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