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Expand your leadership skills with Apple's new JFK collection

Ask not what leadership can do for you. Ask what you can do with leadership.

More → gets a long-overdue clean and flat redesign today received a redesign, following the whole Apple event where the larger iPhone 6, even larger iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay payments system, and the much-anticipated Apple Watch were introduced. Normally we'd be tempted to put "finally" with those announcements, but in this case it's the redesign that gets the "finally".

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Apple honors Nelson Mandela

Apple's home page has been updated with a tribute to former South African President Nelson Mandela, who died earlier this week. One of the greatest leaders of our era, Mandela went from political prisoner to head of state during the course of his lifetime. Through the sheer power of his will and heart, he saw his country out of the dark ages, and held it together when it could so very easily have collapsed into chaos and calamity. He challenged his people to be and do better.

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New education section launched on

Apple has updated their website with a brand new section on eduction, greatly improving not only the design and usability, but the content as well. Here's the intro on

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Apple home pages through the ages

Over the last 15 years, Apple launched a website, found their footing, and then refined their internet brand slowly but surely. Charlie Hoehn compiled the history of the home page into a slide show and posted it on his site,

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Apple changes Maps language on website

Apple has replaced the iOS 6 Maps marketing copy on with something less filled with bravado, and more focused on a technical improvement.

More → returning search results for "iPhone 5", including press release URL

As of 10am EDT today, searching for "iPhone 5" on returned results that could indicate that's the product name Apple is going with for iPhone 5,1, their next generation phone.

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Apple touts U.S. job creation-through-innovation on new web page

Apple has placed a new page on their website with a lot of big numbers focused on how they're creating jobs in the U.S. in important and innovative ways.

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Apple tweaks, adds more HMTL animation

The Apple Online Store went down briefly last night but sorry everyone, no white iPhone 4 -- just an slightly animated revamp of the website.

Both the Mac and iPod pages get products that fly in and bounce into place and the menu on all pages now drops down into place and in general looks just a touch darker.

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Interested in how Apple is advertising iAds to advertisers? Well they've got a brand new highlight video up on that'll give you a good idea. The emotion of TV. The interactivity of digital. The power of Mobility. Indeed.

We only have two questions. Was it made with iMovie 11's trailer feature, and is it enough to get Mad Men-types to buy buys in hopes of attracting buyers?

[ via SAI]

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