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Icloud Backup

How to restore from an iCloud backup on iPhone and iPad

If you're getting a new iPhone or iPad to replace an older one and you've been using iCloud in order to back up all your data, you can easily bring all your stuff down in just a few steps. Everything from messages, apps, and photos will be exactly as you left them.

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Please do this before you upgrade to iOS 7.1.2!

iOS 7.1.2 has caused some problems for some iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. Here's how you can avoid ruining your day

Last week Apple released iOS 7.1.2, a maintenance update to iOS with some iBeacon, data transfer and Mail improvements. Most iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners have been able to update with no issues. Some, however, have run into big problems with the update — enough to brick their device. If you haven't upgraded yet, follow these instructions before you do to help avoid problems.

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Dear Apple: Please fix how Messages stores images and videos!

iMessage works well enough for sending texts and media like photos and videos. Sure, there are still some bugs involving the reliability and consistency of when and how messages pop up on multiple iOS and OS X devices, but for most people, most of the time, it just works. What doesn't "just work" is how the Messages app handles photos and videos after they're sent. Here's what's happening, why it's a bigger problem than many people realize, and why I'd really like to see it fixed in iOS 8...

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Are you experiencing problems with Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud, iCloud backup?

Apple's iCloud services aren't having a great morning, with problems being reported for Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud, and iCloud Backup. According to Apple's System Status:

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iCloud causing data clearing problems for iOS 5 apps

Marco Arment, creator of the popular Instapaper app for the iPhone and iPad, noticed an problem related to changes made in iOS 5 tied to iCloud backups.

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Apple tells developers to get their apps ready for iCloud Backup and Restore

Apple has put up a post on their Developer News page tellings devs to start getting their apps ready for iCloud Backup and Restore:

iCloud introduces a smarter way for users to back up their info. It's important to read the new iCloud Data Storage Guidelines to ensure that your app works best with iCloud Backup and Restore, available on iOS 5.

We're getting closer.

[Apple Developer News]

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