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Apple encouraging MobileMe users to switch to iCloud with free Snow Leopard upgrade offer

Apple is trying to encourage users of its MobileMe service to switch over to iCloud by offering a free Snow Leopard upgrade DVD. Snow Leopard usually costs $29 from the Apple Store. In order to use iCloud on your Mac, it has to be running Lion. Apparently, some percentage of MobileMe users are still running on Leopard and haven’t upgraded to Snow Leopard which is needed before you can upgrade to Lion.

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Apple to pay Motorola for push e-mail patents relating to iCloud

Apple is going to owe Motorola damages for infringing on push e-mail patents currently being used by iCloud and Mobile, so sayeth the Mannheim, Germany regional court.

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Motorola lawsuit forces Apple to disable iCloud and MobileMe push email in Germany

Unfortunate and possibly infuriating news for German iCloud and MobileMe users today, as Apple has apparently been forced to turn off push email as a result of a lawsuit by Motorola Mobility.

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MobileMe Mail,, Find My iPhone experiencing issues

Apple's MobileMe Status board is showing multiple problems at the moment, including MobileMe Mail, web apps, and the Find my iPhone utility.

MobileMe Mail: 25% of MobileMe members may be unable to access MobileMe Mail. Normal service will be restored ASAP. We apologize for any inconvenience. web apps: Some MobileMe members are unable to access MobileMe applications at Normal service will be restored ASAP. We apologize for any inconvenience. Read more

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MobileMe to iCloud phishing email hitting inboxes

A new phishing email is arriving in email inboxes targeted at Apple MobileMe users. The email is supposed to be from Apple and is asking users to upgrade their MobileMe accounts to iCloud. The email has been based on an earlier email that Apple sent to MobileMe users after the WWDC iCloud introduction.

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Daily Tip: How to subscribe to Apple iCal calendars [Mac only]

Trying to figure out how to easily add holidays and sports schedules into the iPhone or iPad Calendar app? Lucky for us Apple actually solved this problem quite a while ago for Mac iCal users. Simply subscribe to Apple's already built calendars and you'll be all set. Read on to find out how!

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Apple posts MobileMe to iCloud transition guide

Apple has posted a guide to help users transition from MobileMe to iCloud. The good news? Just like TiPb's been telling you from the start, there will be web apps for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Find my iPhone. Also, if you need more storage, you'll be able to buy it. The bad news? iWeb, MobileMe Gallery, and iDisk are toast.

iWeb, Gallery, and iDisk users are encouraged to move their data off MobileMe before the June 30, 2012 cut off date, and knowledge base articles have been posted to give additional information.

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Will iCloud keep the MobileMe web apps?

There's some debate as to whether or not Apple will keep the MobileMe web apps, like Mail, Contacts, and Calendars around after the transition to iCloud. Some have heard no, that Apple will trash them and go 100% apps. Others have heard yes, that Apple will keep them around.

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iTunes Match: all your music synced to all your devices via iCloud

iTunes Match, another iCloud app, will basically function as a locker for your iTunes library. If you have music that isn't purchased from iTunes, it will match the media in your library with content available in iTunes and allow you to stream it to your devices wirelessly. (What happens if something you have isn't available in iTunes? Do you still need to sync it?)

Apple is saying this process will only take minutes, not hours. All the content will be DRM free and have the same benefits of purchased music. Any songs will be matched and upgraded to 256kbps AAC DRM-free files.

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iCloud replacing MobileMe, and it's Free

MobileMe will no longer cost you $99. Actually, as of today, MobileMe will cease to exist at all. MobileMe It's being replaced by iCloud, which will consist of a collection of apps.

iCloud will let you wirelessly sync all data to the cloud, as well as perform automatic daily backups from your device. This is going to come in very handy when getting a new iOS device.

Are you excited about wireless backups and MobileMe being put to death, and iCould going free? Let us know.

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