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New MobileMe to include music storage and cost $20 a year?

According to The Music Void, Apple is pushing hard to re-launch its MobileMe service this April. The new MobileMe service is said to include a music storage service, to be called Locker.

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MobileMe no longer available from, revamp coming?

TiPb readers jumping on new MacBook Pros today have let us know that Apple is no longer offering discounted MobileMe boxes as an option along with a new Mac purchase. A quick check shows you can't buy it from at all anymore.

MacRumors confirms that Apple has notified resellers that they won't be producing the boxes for retail anymore either.

Could this be the first sign a revamp is really on its way? Could we -- dare I say it -- see a new MobileMe at next Wednesday's iPad 2 event?

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iPad Live 44: Subscription disservice

Georgia, Chad, and Rene discuss iPad 2 and iPad 3 rumors (yes, more!), iOS and Apple's controversial new subscription service, MobileMe, an actual Apple TV, and your questions answered! This is iPad Live!

Complete show notes for the week in iPad after the break!

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iPhone to get cheaper, better voice control, better MobileMe -- but nano a no go?

The New York Times is weighing in on the previous rumors published by Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal saying Apple may working on less expensive device with better voice control and MobileMe, but not an iPhone nano.

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More details on the new MobileMe -- becoming Ustream + Foursquare?!

Cult of Mac, who previously rumored a storage-free iPhone nano, is now offering some more potential details on that rumored MobileMe update, including functionality that would make it a mashup of Ustream and Foursquare. According to a "source who wishes to remain nameless":

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iPad Live #43: Good for you!

Georgia, Chad, and Rene discuss iPad 2 and iPad 3 (with Retina Display!) rumors, free MobileMe rumors, HP's new TouchPad, true multitasking myths, Apple TV gaming, and the week in apps. This is iPad Live!

Complete show notes for the week in iPad after the break!

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iPhone nano -- with no storage?

Cult of Mac is following up on the iPhone nano rumors from Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal saying Apple will make the low price points by getting rid of all onboard storage. No NAND Flash storage, no big price tag. Apple would get around this by streaming everything from an cloud just like Apple TV 2 does today.

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UPDATED: More iPhone nano, free MobileMe rumors

The Wall Street Journal's Yukari Iwatani Kane continues to leak Apple rumors, this time backing up Bloomberg's iPhone nano story and once again raising the idea of a revamped, free MobileMe service to go with it:

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Verbs IM client for iPhone now available in the App Store

Verbs for iPhone is a gorgeous new IM client that just recently hit the app store. It supports GTalk and AIM/MobileMe at the moment. I'm hoping support for more clients like Facebook chat and MSN are added in an update. What really got me hooked on Verbs is the beautiful interface. It looks like an app Apple would build natively into iOS.

Another feature I really like is the fact that it supports Cloud and Droplr file transfer services. I personally love Droplr and use it exclusively for sharing images and video. I chose it as my Pick of the Week a few weeks back. This is an added bonus for me.

I would like to see full push implemented as it currently only supports local notifications. This means you'll receive notifications only if the app is running or multitasking. If you close it from the multitasking tray, you won't receive notifications any longer. Not a huge issue for some, but may be a big one for others. If you're looking for a decent IM client that comes at a fair price, make sure you give Verbs a try and let us know what you think!

[$2.99 - iTunes Link]

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Find My Friends feature hidden in iOS 4.3?

It looks as though we will be seeing a new feature soon in iOS called Find My Friends, an extension to Find my iPhone that could be similar to services such as Google Latitude.

A reference to the name was found in the iOS 4.3 beta for developers and it appears to be linked to MobileMe accounts. If it is similar to Latitude, it would allows you to track your friends via their iPhone's GPS (Naturally you would have to agree to broadcast your position so as to protect your privacy).

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