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More MobileMe going free rumors

With the WWDC 2010 keynote mere days away, more rumors continue that Apple's push and sync solution, MobileMe, might just be going free. They're thin, admittedly, but BGR points us to a change in how account type is shown -- now "full member" is highlighted.

As opposed to free member?

We might just find out Monday, including what the differences are between "free" and "full" (or no change at all). We know you want it -- because we want it too - so go head, conjecture in the comments!


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Apple opens beta for "next MobileMe Mail"

Apple announced today that they're opening a beta program for the "next MobileMe Mail" in order to get user feedback on the new features it will bring:

Widescreen and compact views. When reading your mail at, the new widescreen view lets you see more of each message with less scrolling. Choose compact view to hide your folders or classic view to see more of your message list.

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Could Apple's MobileMe be going free?

There's a rumor making the rounds that Apple's MobileMe service could be going free "sooner than later... depends on certain facilities going operational." (Perhaps a reference to the massive server facility Apple's building in North Carolina.)

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How do you share photos on your iPhone?

The iPhone has a built in camera and with its always-on internet connectivity, it's a great way to share your pictures with friends, families, colleagues, and the world.

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How do you use the calendar on your iPhone?

The are several ways to use the calendar on your iPhone, including syncing with other devices (including computers) and with the cloud (via a variety of services). You can also keep just one global calendar for everything, or separate ones for work, school, hobbies, family, training, etc.

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iPhone 4: Notes Sync for IMAP

When you add an IMAP-based email account (including MobileMe and Gmail) to iPhone 4, in addition to the previous options you now get a toggle for "Sync Notes".

Notes syncing was famously listed as an iPhone 1.0 feature but then mysteriously vanished only to return in iPhone 3.0 as an iTunes-limited option (i.e., not push or over-the-air).

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Apple Developing iGroups Social Networking App? -- Patent Watch

According to Patently Apple, Apple is laying the foundations for a potential iGroups app that would allow like-minded iPhone (or iPod touch and iPad users, presumably) to set up MobileMe-powered social networks at events like WWDC (Apple's yearly World Wide Developers Conference).

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Find My iPhone Working on iPhone Safari, iTunes Preview Categories Now Working on Web

Apple has changed MobileMe's site, previously inaccessible from iPhone or iPod touch Safari, to not only allow access to Find My iPhone, but to offer help in setting up accounts and getting additional apps. iTunes Preview, meanwhile, has duplicated even more of the media and app browsing experience on the web by adding support for categories.

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QuickOffice, Updated -- Now Play Great Together

QuickOffice and both announced updates recently that work together to provide more seamless access to documents on your iPhone, from the cloud.

QuickOffice 3.0 [$9.99 - iTunes link] lets you access documents stored on, as well as other cloud-based repositories like MobileMe, Google Docs, and Dropbox. It's also a free update for existing users.

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MobileMe Having Post-Christmas Blues -- WebApp, iChat, Prefs Down, Down, Down!

According to MobileMe System Status, Mac Preferences, Windows Control Panel, iChat, and the WebApps are down for the count. (Just how hard did they hit the eggnog over the last few days?)

Still, they're keeping some pretense of holiday spirit, or irony:

All other MobileMe services are online and fully operational

Let us know how badly you're affected, and when things start going smoothly for you again.

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