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MobileMe Mail Down

MobileMe is currently down for some via client (Mail on Mac and iPhone -- count me in), and the Web (working fine for me). Maybe they were upset we gave GoogleSync all the love this morning?

Let us know how it's working for you, and we'll update when it's back online for everyone.

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MobileMe Media Sync

Synchronization of Media State Across Multiple Devices, one of the latest patents filed by Apple, aims to use MobileMe to make sure if you start watching a movie in iTunes or on the AppleTV, then switch to your iPhone, you're at the exact same place in the movie (and back again) -- with no USB sync required.

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Apple "Improves" MobileMe, Find my iPhone, Updates iDisk Public Folder

Apple's MobileMe News page has posted two updates today, one on recent MobileMe service improvements, including direct access to Find my iPhone, and the other on iDisk public folder updates.

First up, the service improvements:

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iPhone 3.1: Remotely Set a Passcode Lock via MobileMe

Apple's MobileMe News "blog" is touting a new feature: you can now remotely set a passcode lock with Find My iPhone and iPhone 3.1:

With Find My iPhone, you can help protect the information on a missing iPhone by remotely assigning a four-digit passcode lock. This is especially useful if you've never set a passcode before or if you want to set a new one.

This is a nice half-way ground between leaving it wide open, or having to wipe it clean, if you can't find it but aren't sure you've personally lost it.

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We Want: "WhisperSync" for iPhone and iTunes

With Apple's September 9, "It's only rock and roll, but we like it" event fast approaching, and its promises of new iTunes 9 social media and app management features, here's something else, just like @sethclifford, we'd love to see added to the list: "WhisperSync". More specifically, for MobileMe to do a little over-the-air syncing of our location in a podcast, audiobook, or lengthy video so we can switch between the iPhone, iPod touch, or iTunes and always be at the same location in our media, regardless of where we continue listening or watching.

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MobileMe's "Find My iPhone" Serving Justice

A robbery victim has taken advantage of his MobileMe service and put it to good use. A Pittsburgh man, who's name has been withheld, told police he was forced to turn over his wallet, his PIN number and his iPhone at gun point (Pellet Gun as it turns out) by 3 robbers early Sunday morning. Lacking any tech savvy skills or common sense for that matter, the robbers were clueless about one of MobileMe's very helpful features, "Find My iPhone".

After calling the police the man used his computer and MobileMe to track down his iPhone along with the 3 not so smart criminals having a late night snack at a local restaurant.

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Quick App: Apple Releases MobileMe iDisk App for iPhone

Apple has released MobileMe iDisk [Free - iTunes link] for iPhone and iPod touch. Announced during WWDC 2009 back in June, with nary a peep -- though lots of questions and conjecture -- heard since then, MobileMe iDisk showing up in the App Store today should be the kind of surprise that no longer comes as one.

Using the app, similar to how 3rd party solutions worked previously, you can log into MobileMe, see the contents of your iDisk, view any supported file formats (the typical jpg, png, Microsoft Office, iWork, and audio/video files), swipe to delete, and otherwise move through the file system.

When you tap on a file, you can also choose to share it or trash it. Sharing opens up an Email Link window where you can forward on access information via email. Shared files show up with a green Shared label and icon in list view there after. (Expired shared items show up with orange labels and grayed-out icons.)

Like Remote (and unlike Keynote Remote and Texas Hold'em), Apple's fourth App Store entry is free. If you try it out, let us know how it works for you. If you already use a 3rd party iDisk utility, let us know how it compares.

Screenshots after the break!

[Thanks to AppAdvice for the tip!]

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How To: Recover Your MobileMe Password and Update it Often for Added Security

Apple has updated their MobileMe News "blog" with a helpful tip for added security, and for when that security necessitates the need for a helpful little reminder.

First up, Apple reminds everyone that even good passwords, left static for too long, grow old and stale.

One simple way to increase the security of your life online is to change your account password periodically.

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iDisk App for iPhone Release Imminent?

According to a tech note, which recently appeared then disappeared from Apple's website (but can be seen at TUAW), our wait for the iDisk iPhone app may soon be over.

Surely you remember a little iDisk app that Apple promised to all of it's MobileMe customers back around WWDC 2009? The biggest feature, at least to us here at TiPb, being file sharing. Need to email a large file that is stored on your iDisk but you are away from your computer? No problem, just send it to whomever you'd like via iDisk for iPhone. Not too shabby.

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