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How to: Search Old MobileMe Mail on the Server

Apple's lone outstretched hand to the social web, the MobileMe News "blog" is back with another helpful hint for users, this time about using iPhone 3.0 to search older email on the server:

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Apple Updates MobileMe WebApps... A Little

Apple has once again made some service improvements to MobileMe:

We recently updated the web applications at In Mail, you can now see your unread message count in your Inbox and in each of your Mail folders, and forwarding or replying to HTML (rich text) messages now maintains the messages' original formatting. In addition, there is a direct link to Help in the toolbar. See this support article for more details and a summary of other improvements.

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iPhone 3.0 Bugs: .Me Spontaneously Changing to .Mac?

Your iPhone MobileMe account randomly and spontaneously changing from [username] to [username] You're not alone.

Like the missing/mismatched app icon bug, this is another issue that was a problem to some during the betas, and continues to be a problem now that iPhone 3.0 has gone into release.

Unfortunately, once the bug manifests, MobileMe doesn't allow you to simply edit it back, and since everything changes from .me to .mac (your email address, SMTP server, etc.), it can be more than a little annoying.

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Dear Apple -- Where's the iDisk App?

Hey, it's started to work with Push Notification apps, so who can blame us for taking a second bite at the Dear Apple. So...

Where's that free iDisk App at? You remember, the one on your What's New in MobileMe website:

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How To: Share iPhone 3G S Video via Mobile Me

We're figuring a lot of folks will default to the ubiquitous YouTube for iPhone 3G S video sharing, since Apple was user-minded enough to include it in the options. But for those who want pristine QuickTime quality, the Mobile Me news blog has you covered:

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How To: View Calendars Published to MobileMe on iPhone

Apple's MobileMe News shares how to view calendars published to MobileMe on iPhone:

MobileMe members who use iCal on a Mac can publish calendars to MobileMe to share with friends and family. To publish an iCal calendar, simply click the calendar and select Publish from the Calendar menu. You can then send an email inviting other iCal users to subscribe.

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UPDATED: Find my iPhone for iPhone 3.0 on Today!

UPDATE: Enable your iPhone via Settings > Email > Mobile > Find my iPhone. Then go to, login to your Account tab, and choose Find My iPhone from the sidebar. Voila! Thanks to everyone who sent this in. Screen grab after the break!

ORIApple just announced via their MobileMe News "blog" that:

Find My iPhone can be found at today, but you also need iPhone OS 3.0 (available on June 17) installed on your iPhone to use the feature.

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iPhone 3G S -- Apple Delivers Mobile Video to the Masses

Lots of smartphones have lots of features, and as Steve Jobs has said in the past -- many people don't even know about them, much less use them.

With the original iPhone, Apple popularized mobile web browsing, and the iPhone 3G too that to previously unseen levels (and AT&T has the data network woes to prove it). The App Store made getting and using mobile applications so ridiculously easy that 50,000 now fill the store and over 1 billion have been downloaded.

So now Apple is set to take on mobile video.

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MobileMe Update Coming June 17: Find my iPhone, Remote Wipe, iDisk Mobile, File Sharing, Public Folders

As part of the WWDC keynote today, Apple announced new features for their MobileMe service as it pertains to the iPhone:

  • Find my iPhone shows map location
  • Find alerts sends text or sound to advise of lost iPhone or help find it
  • Remote wipe lets you clear data from a lost iPhone, or restore it via login or iTunes

  • Mobile iDisk App gives access to viewable files right on your iPhone

  • File sharing lets you send links to files via email with access control
  • Access public folders lets you share files on your friends' iDisks

Like iPhone 3.0, the MobileMe updates will be available June 17.

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From the Forums: iPhone Typos? Updating Your iPhone? MobileMe 2.0? Customer Service Nightmares?

It's that time again -- time for us to pick out some of the hot topics on TiPb's forums. In order for you to reply to any of the following threads please be sure to register. It's a painless process, we promise!

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