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os x mavericks preview

OS X Mavericks preview

Everything you need to about the newest version of the Mac operating system, OS X Mavericks, including new apps, new security features, new interface elements and advanced technology designed to improve efficiency and performance!

Apple will soon roll out a new version of the operating system that powers its Macintosh computers - OS X 10 "Mavericks," the first version of OS X that isn't named after a big cat. (Apple's using place names in California from here on out.) We don't know exactly when Mavericks will ship but we're hoping for more details soon.

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OS X Mavericks Preview: AV Kit simplifies QuickTime transition

OS gave Apple an opportunity to rethink the way application developers should support and deliver media content on Apple devices. The result of that is a framework called AV Foundation, which debuted on the Mac with OS X 10.7. Now Apple's continuing that effort with new Mavericks technology for developers called AV Kit.

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OS X Mavericks Preview: easily access your LinkedIn account

Whether you're looking for a job or looking just to connect with colleagues in your field, LinkedIn has become the place to do it for millions of users worldwide. Now Apple is building support for LinkedIn right into Mavericks to make it easier for you to connect.

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OS X Mavericks preview: Website push notifications deliver updates without Safari

OS X Mavericks' improvements to Notifications include new interactivity that lets you do more without breaking your stride. Another improvement to Notifications is on the developer side, and it makes it possible for you to receive updates from web sites without having Safari open, and without using an RSS reader.

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OS X Mavericks Preview: Map Kit opens up the world to developers

Apple Maps are coming to Mavericks, as well all know. But Apple's Map Kit is almost as important, because it lets third-party developers tap into that data and technology.

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OS X Mavericks preview: Sprite Kit simplifies 2D game development

New technology coming to OS X Mavericks promises to make it easier for indie gamers to support the platform with 2D arcade-style games. What's more, it's portable between Mavericks and iOS 7. Sprite Kit promises to reinvent the way 2D games are made for the Mac.

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OS X Mavericks preview: Compressed Memory gives your Mac room to run

Another example of how Apple is trying to make Mavericks more efficient is "Compressed Memory." This technique helps free up memory from dormant apps that don't need it. The net result: your Mac runs and wakes from sleep faster.

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OS X Mavericks Preview: Safari Power Saver cuts Flash off at the knees

With the rise of HTML 5 and the dominance of the iPad as a web surfing tool, use of Adobe Flash is on the wane, but it's still used by thousands of sites. Apple's done its part to try to move progress forward by leaving Adobe Flash out of the default configuration of newly shipping Macs, leaving it to customers to decide if they want to enable the technology on their own systems. But once it's on, Adobe Flash can cause other issues on your Mac. Now Apple's doing something about it, thanks to Power Saver, a feature coming to Safari with OS X Mavericks' release.

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Apple posts OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 4

Apple on Monday posted a new build of OS X Mavericks to the Mac App Store, accessible to registered Mac developers who are currently using Mavericks on a test machine. No details were posted - all Apple indicated was that the update is recommended for all users running OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 3.

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OS X Mavericks Preview: App Nap helps you work longer from your laptop

Sometimes in the course of working, you'll open one, two, three, half a dozen apps without thinking about it. If you have lots of RAM installed on your Mac and you're not working from battery power, this can be no big deal - but every little bit helps when you have to manage resources like power and CPU activity. OS X Maverick's built-in App Nap function helps better manage what's going on when you have a bunch of apps open.

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