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Why Facebook and other apps sometimes say "Cleaning..."

With iOS 5 it's not uncommon to sometimes see the label under many apps, including Facebook, sometimes change to read "Cleaning..." This is a feature of iOS 5 that Apple hasn't really explained, so it's caused a lot of you to write in an ask about it. Here's the deal...

Basically, that's iOS 5 deleting cache and temporary files so that when iCloud or iTunes does a backup of your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, that backup is smaller and faster.

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Poll: How are you syncing your iOS 5 iPhone or iPad?

Poll: How are you syncing your iOS 5 iPhone or iPad?

With iOS 5 Apple has finally cut the cord with iTunes and you no long have to tether your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad over USB to your Windows or Mac PC just to sync over your stuff. Of course, you can still tether if you so wish, and it's just become part of your routine. However, you can also use iTunes Wi-Fi Sync so your device automatically transfers over content whenever you plug it in and are on the same Wi-Fi network as your desktop iTunes machine (i.e., when you put it on to charge at night.) Apple also has iCloud now, which syncs stores and pushes not from your desktop but from Apple's giant data centers to all of your devices.

Have you gone (or stayed) all in on any one approach? Do you mix and match, for example use iCloud for personal information but still connect to iTunes for big files like movies? If you have a family and are managing iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads for spouses and kids, do you sync them all the same or does it vary? Do your kids games pop up on your work iPhone thanks to automatic downloads, or do their iPods get stale because it's become too much of a chore to keep everyone updated?

How is sync working for you in iOS 5? Does it "just work" or is it more complicated and confusing now than ever? Vote in the poll up top and let me know the details in the comments!

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iPhone Wi-Fi sync app submitted to App Store

While the Apple TV (and even the lowly, lambasted Zune!) has had Wi-Fi sync for a while now, Apple hasn't seen fit to break the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad free of their iTunes tether, so developer Greg Hughes has decided to do it for them -- and submit it to the App Store.

Based on the video it looks like once a pairing is setup between your iPhone and iTunes you're good to go. And that's where this whole story might just come off the rails -- if Hughes is using anything other than public APIs, and if Apple even allows other apps to interact with iTunes on the desktop. Hey, they could even reject it on general usability grounds -- that aforementioned Apple TV and Zune need to be plugged in anyway to handle the power-drain of Wi-Fi sync, which takes some of the luster off, and even 802.11n Wi-Fi is slow compared to USB.

So, could this app pull an Opera Mini and get in, or it will it get slammed with the rejection hammer and leave us waiting for a cloud-based iTunes.com announcement from Apple before our iPhones go wire-free?


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