The Otherside Game ArtSource: The Label

What you need to know

  • Apple Arcade has a new turn-based RPG.
  • The_Other is available for download now.
  • You'll need an Apple Arcade subscription to play.

Apple Arcade gets new games most weeks with today's being another turn-based RPG – a genre the subscription service is already strong in. The latest effort comes in the form of The_Otherside that its publisher calls an "RPG and strategy board game".

A quick watch of the promo video for the game shows exactly what the company means.

The_Otherside is a turn-based RPG and strategy board game where you will control four survivors who hope to push back the shadowy threat. Make your way through each level solving puzzles, fighting monsters, and destroying the spirit anchors that threaten our dimension.

Do you have what it takes to restore the town back to normal and save the day?

It looks pretty cool, right?

You'll need a $4.99 per month Apple Arcade subscription to take The_Otherside for a spin. Assuming you have that all squared away you can download the game from the App Store now.

Game on!

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