Three features coming to tvOS 13 you may have missed

tvOS 13 has never been Apple's biggest software platform, but it's getting some love in 2019, between May's release of the brand new TV and this fall's slate of new features. And while things like multi-user support and control center are important, there are a select few features that you may have missed that will offer improvements to the overall Apple TV experience.

Apple Arcade app

Apple previously announced that its subscription service for games, Apple Arcade would be making its way to iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac this fall. But you may have only seen briefly on stage at WWDC was the new Apple Arcade app. The App Store in iOS 13, iPadOS, and indeed, the Apple TV, all have new tabs for Apple Arcade, the Apple TV also has an Apple Arcade app.

It's not clear just yet what this app is. It could be a standalone place to browse through Arcade games, or a the central repository for all of the games you've played in Arcade. Perhaps you'll launch games from there instead of searching for them on your Apple TV's Home screen. We'll undoubtedly know more when tvOS 13 and Apple Arcade get closer to launch.

New screen savers

Apple is expanding the environments of its 4K HDR screen savers for Apple TV with the addition of under water views. These new screen savers were filmed in collaboration with BBC's Natural History Unit, which is the team responsible for Blue Planet.

App update descriptions

Okay, this one might seem really minor to some of you, but there are those of us who like to know what's in each new update of our favorite apps, no matter which platform they're on. In the App Store in tvOS 13, you can now find information about what's new in the latest version of any app. Just head to it's page in the App Store and scroll down to the About section to find it.

Spot anything?

Did you notice something during the keynote or spot something in the beta that you're excited about seeing in tvOS 13? Let us know in the comments.

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