One thing about Apple laptops that never ceases to amaze me is just how long they can last without turning into complete trash. Prior to upgrading to a 2015 MacBook Pro this year, I was using Apple's mid-2008 MacBook and I got nearly a full 8 years out of it before needing something else. The MacBook still works, and my wife actually uses it as her web browsing, social media machine. So, how is any of this relevant?

Well, today's 1-day Amazon sale is on certified refurbished versions of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The available models are late-2011 and 2012 versions, but before you pass them up because of age, let's talk this through. These MacBooks come loaded up with ports and even have the once-necessary CD drive still. You'll also find a built-in Ethernet port, SD card slots, and more.

Ok, so they come with ports, but what about the specs? Sure, they may be a little lower than what we are used to seeing today, but the good news here is that they are upgradeable. That means that you can bump the RAM in the MacBook Pros up to 16GB for just $103, and add a 240GB Solid State Drive for just $85, and have a much better machine for under $200 in upgrades. Apple recently announced its latest macOS update, High Sierra, and all of these laptops will be receiving it.

Sounds pretty good, huh? Here are the models available.

These prices are up to $200 lower than Apple sells its refurbished versions of each model for. It is worth noting that you will still get a 90-day warranty on these, but they will ship in a generic brown or white box, and the accessories may also be generic versions.

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