Apple is content to make the best phones, not the most phones

When asked about the relative popularity of the iPhone compared to Android, Tim Cook, on stage at the D11 conference, responded in typical fashion, saying Apple isn't concerned about the most, only the best.

Cook gave some historical context for his comments. Apple believes the Mac is the best PC, but they never made the most PCs. They made the best MP3 player, and did make the most, and the best tablet, and did make the most, but the phone, like the PC, while still the best in Cook's opinion, isn't the majority of units in that space.

Usage metrics, where iOS has usually dominated Android, was also brought up by Cook. Like others before him, Cook floated that many Android phones aren't used as smartphones, but as feature phones.

There's been a lot of dodgy numbers thrown Apple's way, but the combination of their profit share (what matters to them) and their usage share (what matters to us) is hard to argue.

Via: The Verge

Rene Ritchie

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