Tim Cook Apple Store Alabana VisitSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook was in his home state for another engagement.
  • He visited a local Apple Store while there.
  • He took pictures with team members and shoppers.

Apple CEO Tim Cook paid a visit to a Birmingham, Alabama Apple Store during his visit to his home state. Cook was already in the area as part of the EdFarm announement.

"Apple employees and customers greeted Cook with a standing ovation" according to a Fox Business report, with the CEO taking the time to take photos with those in attendance.

Cook is well known around those parts and he received his undergraduate degree from Auburn University.

Tim Cool Alabama VisitSource: iMore

While the report says that Cook's visit was a "surprise," it certainly doesn't seem it from the photos and videos that are included. It's unlikely that Apple's CEO woke up and decided to just call in to see what his colleagues were up to. It's more likely that the visit was planned to ensure the team members and store are spick and span for their boss's visit.