What you need to know

  • Tim Cook recently donated 23,700 Apple shares to charity.
  • The recipient of the donation is unknown, but the shares are valued at around $5 million.
  • Cook previously said he plans to take a systematic approach to giving away his fortune.

According to an SEC filing published on Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook has donated 23,700 Apple shares to charity. The value of the shares comes out to about $5 million.

The recipient of the shares is unknown, and Apple declined to comment on the donation, according to CNBC. Cook has previously donated to the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights and the Human Rights Campaign.

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Cook's donation has become common for the CEO. He donated about the same amount of stock last August and previously said he will take a "systematic approach" to giving away his entire fortune in the future.

In addition to Cook's donation, the CEO on Monday announced Apple will donate to help restore the Amazon rainforest in the wake of the devastating fires.