Tim Cook: The magic is at the intersection

As part of the D11 conference, Tim Cook deferred questions about the future of iOS and OS X to WWDC 2013, which is now less than two weeks away. He did, however, address the new management, with software, services, and design, among other things, all now under unified leadership.

Cook also basically said that, given the quality of Jony Ive's work on Apple hardware design over the years, letting him loose on the software was a no-brainer. (Rumors of a flatter, more monochromatic iOS 7 have been making the rounds lately.)

When it comes to differences between Cook and Jobs' management style, Cook said there were many, but the similarity was the most important: Keeping Apple as Apple.

And that it remains at the intersection of software, hardware, and services that Apple's magic lies.

Nothing new there really, but does it make you feel more or less confident about what you expect to see at WWDC in June?

Via: The Verge

Rene Ritchie

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