After attention a State Dinner at the White House last night with Apple's VP of Governement Affairs, Lisa Jackson, Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, is scheduled for a sit down with U.S. President Donald Trump to discuss concerns over the potential for a trade war with China.

Ina Fried, writing for Axios:

Trump's trade war has been a huge business concern — and magnified by the fact the Trump administration gave just 60 days notice regarding which products would be subject to the new tariffs.

  • "That's a tough way to run things," one executive at a large multinational electronics company told Axios.
  • The executive said when the list of affected products was released, it was kind of like a group of college students scrambling to read a printout on the wall to figure out if they had passed or failed a test.
  • "Oh good, phones aren't on the list," he said of his initial reaction. However, other things his company makes, like TVs and some appliances are on the list.

Apple, like many other consumer electronics companies, not only relies on China for assembly and manufacturing, but as a market for their goods and services.

Anything that sours U.S./China relations or restricts trade could be hugely problematic for Apple and other, similar companies. Compounding the issue, this administration both seems to provide less notice and alter its plans more rapidly and frequently than past administrations, complicating strategic decision making for the companies.

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It also makes it tough to say what, if anything, Apple can really expect from the meeting. But, Tim Cook has consistently advocated engagement as the best way for Apple to help help elicit change. So, we'll have to wait and see.

(We can each, individually, agree or disagree about the China sanctions and policy, but Tim Cook will clearly be arguing what's in the best interest of Apple here.)

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