Tim Cook on Android, big screens, LTE, and not counting Microsoft out of mobile

While Apple CEO Tim Cook had a lot to say during the Apple Q1 2012 conference call, when asked about 4G LTE, bigger screen, and whether or not the mobile market had become a two-horse race between Android and iOS, Cook played his cards close to his chest.

Cook said he didn't think the mobile market was like Mac vs. Windows, where despite 20 quarters of consecutive growth, Apple's share remained in the single digits. In mobile, citing recent metrics reports, Cook said Apple and Google's Android remained in a tight race. Further, he wouldn't discount Microsoft either, saying that there was a horse in Redmond that always suits up and always runs, and will keep running.

We'll ignore how many other horses there are, we just want to be the lead one. 

Cook also managed to skirt question about Apple's LTE future and larger displays for iPhone, saying that with 37 million iPhones sold last quarter, customers appear happy with the current product.

Personally, we're just waiting to see what iPhone 5 is packing later this year.

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  • Hahah that's true. Regardless of screen size and what you wish to have...you still end up buying the darn thing anyways. Lol
  • yes! this means they're not changing the screen size!
  • Not necessarily...Apple never announces anything until they are good and ready, or their hand is forced. Even if they had a 5" screen in the lab, they would say that 3.5" is the optimum size right up until the Apple Store goes down to sell it.
    Of course, that doesn't mean they are changing the screen size, either just that we will not know until they bring the next model out on stage or leave it in a bar somewhere.
  • Apple always says that they won't do exactly what they're planning to do. So yay! Bigger screens on the iPhone 5!
  • Very respectful of him to recognize MS as a major competitor
  • That's what a CEO has to do, not like Ballmer who mocks about all competitors.
  • Hey don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking Tim, I think it's great.
  • Tim = class.
    Ballmer = classless.
  • Not count out windows, hahaahahaha, I guess not since it'll be larger than iOS in a year or two.
  • Your a TROLL
  • Hard headed people can't just accept facts and reality. They kept on dreaming and hoping that one day their obsolete wp7 will rise from the grave. Enough.
  • For the love of gods stop calling it iPhone 5.
  • Why, Apple is calling it iPhone 5,1 after all...
  • I will laugh like hell if it turns out not to be the iphone 5 like you preach so badly.
  • my opinion is that the next iphone will have a slightly larger display and it will be thinner with the new gorilla glass 2, a virtually scratch proof outside, front and back. upon release there will be a new UI also that can be available for iphone 4 and up and i cant wait to own one
  • I'd be very surprised if they re-did the UI for iOS.
  • Not necessarily change the way it works, just the UI images, like Macs, like Leopard changed the UI from Tiger.
    I'm also waiting for a UI redesign, I'm getting bored with iOS' interface, if they don't change it, I'll probably switch to Android or WP7.
  • And 10 times better than what the copycat gangs devices. Got that SHAMEsung.
  • I really hope they keep the same screen size! I don't see any benefit to having a larger screen. Specially not if it sacrifices my ability to use the phone with one hand.
  • Agreed if the new iphone was with a bigger screen i defo would not be getting it. Why would anyone want to carry around a massive phone. The iphone 4 fits nicely in my pocket.