Tim CookSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Tim Cook has told Fox News' Chris Wallace Parler is only suspended from the App Store, and that it would be back on the App Store when it gets it moderation in order.
  • Cook made the comments in an interview to be aired on Fox News Sunday.

Tim Cook has told Fox News' Chris Wallace Apple's suspension of Parler would be lifted if the app got its moderation in order.

According to Fox, Tim Cook discussed Big Tech censorship in an exclusive interview with Chris Wallace for Fox News Sunday. In a preview clip shared by the network, Cook was asked how Apple decides to balance free speech with "objectionable content", and whether it was pushing people and views underground by removing Parler from the App Store.

In response, Cook stated that Apple did not "consider that free speech and incitement to violence" had an intersection and that Apple had only suspended Parler stating "if they get their moderation together, they would be back on there."

In a separate clip Cook said Big tech "is not monolithic" and that there were lots of companies doing lots of different things, stating Apple was "always trying to do the right thing". Responding to the claim Big Tech was restricting free speech Cook said Apple had 2 million apps on its App Store and terms of service for these apps. Whilst he said Apple doesn't control "what's on the internet" he did say Apple doesn't view its platform as a simple replication of the internet, and that Apple has rules that it asks people to abide by.

The full interview will air on Fox News Sunday. The interview is Cook's second with a major network this week after he joined CBS to talk about Apple's new Racial Equity and Justice initiative.