Tim Cook reaffirms Apple's commitment to inclusivity following Melbourne Apple Store incident

Apple Stores will be refreshing their training on customer inclusion following an incident at an Apple Store in Melbourne, Australia earlier this week. The incident saw three black students barred from the Highpoint Apple Store because a store employee thought "they might steal something". Now Apple CEO Tim Cook has weighed in, calling the treatment of the students "unacceptable", saying the incident doesn't reflect the values of Apple.

According to a company email obtained by Buzzfeed, store managers across the world will refresh themselves on Apple's policy on inclusion.

While I firmly believe that this was an isolated incident rather than a symptom of a broader problem in our stores, we will use this moment as an opportunity to learn and grow. Our store leadership teams around the world, starting in Australia, will be refreshing their training on inclusion and customer engagement. These are concepts and practices they know well, but can always stand to reinforce.

Following the incident, a senior manager at the Highpoint store apologized to the young men, saying that they would always be welcome at the store.

Source: Buzzfeed

Joseph Keller

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