Tim Cook will reportedly travel to China in May to speak with government officials

Apple CEO Tim Cook is reportedly going to make a trip to China sometime later in May. Cook is supposed to be meeting with senior government and Communist Party leaders in that country.

According to Reuters:

Cook has frequently traveled to China since taking the helm of Apple five years ago, but his latest visit comes during a critical period. From weakening smartphone sales to the loss of an iPhone trademark dispute and the suspension of some of its online entertainment services, the U.S. technology giant has been facing a flurry of problems in recent weeks in its second-largest market after the United States.

The report did not give a specific timeframe for Cook's China trip.

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  • Geez Tim. And he is always talking about how the big bad U.S. government is out to get him over dodging taxes, unlocking phones, etc. Americans, including businesses large and small, should appreciate more what they have in the gold old USA!