Tim Cook to speak at White House cybersecurity summit on February 13

Apple CEO Tim Cook is scheduled to speak at the White House cybersecurity summit, which is being held on Friday, February 13, at Stanford. The White House is expected to unveil a new cybersecurity "executive action" at the summit, with President Obama set to outline ways in which U.S. technology companies can cooperate better with government agencies when it comes to cybersecurity.

It is unclear as to the role Tim Cook will have in the proceedings, but it is likely the executive will share his views on how public and private sector organizations can collaborate to improve cybersecurity. Apple has often been at odds with the US government over its customers' privacy, with the Deartment of Justice having to invoke an 18th-century law to compel Apple to bypass the encryption measures found on its devices.

The White House cybersecurity summit will also focus on new ways of authentication to improve security, with biometric authentication technologies like Apple Pay likely to be touched upon.

Source: The Hill

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