Tim Cook stresses the importance of technology in education during new interview

iTunes U on iPad
iTunes U on iPad (Image credit: iMore)

Apple CEO Tim Cook went on ABC's Good Morning America program recently to talk about the company's efforts in expanding educational opportunity. Specifically, Cook talked about the importance of putting the latest technology in schools, and how that can change the way people learn.

From ABC News:

"I think technology has to be a key part [of education] and that's why we're here," Cook said. "Too many times today kids aren't given the right for a great public education and this isn't right. It's not fair.

Apple has provided Macs and iPads to classrooms as part of its participation in the White House's ConnectED program. The initiative, which also includes companies like Microsoft and Adobe, seeks to put the latest technology in schools across 29 different states. The end result would also hopefully give 99% of U.S. students access to high-speed internet in classrooms by the end of 2019.

You can see Cook's interview with Good Morning America at the link below.

Source: Good Morning America, ABC News

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