Tim Cook talks accessibility in trio of new interviews

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently sat down for a trio of interviews with different YouTubers, where they discussed accessibility and its importance to Apple. Cook talked about how accessibility features intersect with Apple's goal of making technology for everyone. The interviews, which mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day, were conducted by James Rath, Rikki Poynter, and Tatiana Lee at Apple's campus at Infinite Loop.

In James Rath's interview, Cook and Rath discuss different features available for the blind and visually impaired and what accessibility features Cook uses himself:

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Rikki Poynter and Cook talked about accessibility options for the deaf, Apple's Clips app, and the Pokémon to be found in the cafe on Apple's campus.

For her interview, Tatiana Lee shot the entire thing on her iPhone 7, and edited it in Clips. The two talked about fitness, the wheelchair support on the Apple Watch, and workout music.

When you have time, be sure to check out all three interviews. They offer a different perspective on the technology we use every day that many of us don't experience.

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