Tim Cook talks security with Chinese Vice Premiere

Apple CEO Tim Cook has met with Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai to talk security of user information. The meeting comes two days after an attack on the iCloud website in China was reported. Whether or not the attack was specifically on the table is unknown, but it is likely.

From Xinhuanet:

Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai and Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday exchanged views on protection of users' information during their meeting in Zhongnanhai, the central authority's seat.They also exchanged views on strengthening cooperation in information and communication fields.

The attack on iCloud.com primarily affects users with unsecured web browsers that trust the Chinese Certification Authority. However, it can also impact users that ignore the security certificate warnings given to them by more secure browsers. Apple issued a statement on the attack yesterday, suggesting best practices for users to keep themselves safe.

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Source: Xinhuanet

Joseph Keller

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