Do you want to save a location that you've found on Google Maps? After searching for a place on Google Maps, you can save the results to Bookmarks or Contacts so you can easily come back to it later. Stay with us after the break and we will show you how.



  1. First, Search for the location in the search box.
  2. When you find the location you want, select the ' > ' icon
  3. At the bottom, select 'Add to Bookmarks'
  4. Type in a 'location name'
  5. Click Save.

To find the location later.


  1. Select the ' book ' icon in the search box.
  2. Select Bookmarks

You can also save a location to a contact for later viewing.


  1. After selecting the ' > ' icon on a location.
  2. Select 'Add to Contacts'
  3. Here, you can either 'Create a new contact' or 'Add to existing contact'
  4. Select the Contact, you want to save the location to.

To find the location later.


  1. Select the ' book ' icon in the search box.
  2. Select Contacts, and select the contact you want to view.

BONUS TIP: If you press and hold on any spot on the Map, you will 'drop a pin', which you can then save as a bookmark or to your contact.


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