TiPb Asks: What do you think about the new Apple?

We spend a lot of time on last night's iPhone Live podcast talking about Apple now that Steve Jobs is no longer CEO -- an Apple with Tim Cook at the reigns. Now we want to know what you, the TiPb Nation, think.

Apple no doubt has their product plan mapped out for a year or two ahead. Also, Steve Jobs is still there and reportedly still actively involved as Chairman of the Board, so no doubt they'll be able to map their products out a few years more. But then what? Can Tim Cook an Apple's executive team keep steering a ship with the most successful course in consumer electronics history? Post Steve Jobs, can they continue to turn out iPods and iPhones and iPads? Can they continue to say "no" when they need to and make absolutely perfect when they say "yes'? They can never be Steve Jobs, but can they continue to be as successful as Steve Jobs helped make them?

And what about competitors? Were they popping champagne corks last night at the news Steve Jobs wasn't CEO of Apple anymore, and they no longer had to compete with him fully in place and in charge? Will they hope that Apple's almost unbroken winning streak might just lose a little of its stride, or maybe even stumble? That there will be even more MobileMe's and Ping's without Steve Jobs at the helm? Even if nothing else has changed, has competitors morale been given a boost?

Taking over a company at the bottom is an incredible challenge but there's almost no where to go but up (or insolvency, often quickly forgotten.) Taking over a company at the top of its game can be even more stressful because all eyes are on you and it feels like there's nowhere to go but down. Will the media give Tim Cook a chance to breathe? Will analysts suddenly pounce on something that would have been normal even under Jobs?

Steve Jobs has always been a part of Apple and he always will, but how important a part was he to you, as an end user, as someone who has an iPhone or iPad or iPod? Does knowing Steve Jobs is no longer CEO change the way you feel about Apple? About your iPhone or iPad or iPod? About waiting for the next product launch or anticipating the next keynote?

It's the first day of the rest of Apple's history, and there are more questions than answers, but we'd love to hear what you, the TiPb Nation thinks, and whatever you so choose to share.