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What you need to know

  • The Apple TV Siri Remote looks great.
  • But it's rubbish to use and ridiculously to lose.
  • This 3D printed holder fixes that.

If you wanted to design a television remote that looks great, you'd design the Apple TV Siri Remote. But only if you've never actually used a remote control before. Alas, we're stuck with it, but the controller itself isn't the biggest issue. It's the fact that I lose it every 46 seconds. It's just too small, too thin, and too impossible to find. But that needn't be the case.

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As usual, Reddit has the answer. This time it's a user who 3D printed a remote holder. Even better, it's in the shape of an Apple logo.

Check it out!

Siri Remote 3d Printed StandSource: u/Nestramutat

Genius, right? What's more, you can make it yourself. So long as you have a 3D printer, of course!

Siri Remote Holder Apple LogoSource: u/Nestramutat

When new Siri Remotes cost $59 apiece, I might finally have an excuse to pick up a 3D printer.

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