Top 25 gadget gurus you should follow -- Oh hai Rene!

Business Insider included our own managing editor, the illustrious Rene Ritchie on their Top 25 Tech And Gadget Gurus You Should Follow On Twitter.

Rene Ritchie is the French Canadian master of iPhone apps and news, editing and writing for, one of the most well known iOS blogs.Follow Rene at @reneritchie

Others included on the list were David Pogue, Adam Dachis, Jim Dalrymple, Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, Ben Parr, Harry McCracken, Peter Rojas, Joshua Topolsky, Ryan Block, John Gruber, Whitson Gordon, WonderHowTo, How To Geek, xdadevelopers, Gregory Han, Zach Epstein, Matt Brian, Matt Buchanan, Charlie White, Jackie Cohen, Wesley Fenlon, Kevin Rose, Veronica Belmont, and Leo Laporte.

Woooooooooooot! Congrats Rene! (And thanks BI for this collage!)

[Business Insider, thanks @aaronthered!]


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